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Online resources for health practitioners

I love helping practitioners create an authentic and successful business.

In addition to 1:1 mentoring, workshops and practitioner intensives, I provide mentoring articles and collaborate with other providers to create or promote dynamic resources for clinicians and business owners.



Are you required to register for GST? The issues and some remarkable facts most health practitioners don’t know about GST.

Testimonials: what can you share on your website, social media posts and any clinic literature?

Understanding the 2019 private health insurance reforms. Why naturopathy currently cannot be claimed by clients with ‘extras’ cover and the latest updates regarding a new review into natural therapies.

What’s your practice style? Are you a Stayer, Entrepreneur or Butterfly, and tips on building your business for each type.


Mentoring downloads

These 60 – 80 minutes webinars cover some issues that frequently arise in mentoring sessions. The webinars can be purchased from Health Masters Live and count towards continuing education points with  most professional associations.

Practice builder webinars with Health Masters Live

How to set client expectations
Do your clients know when, why and how to contact you outside of consultations? Are you communicating your treatment plan effectively? How to get your message across to maximise client’s health and your time.

Why and how to set boundaries as a clinician
Boundary issues range from the personal (is it ever ok to have an intimate relationship with a client?), to making sure you create work/life balance. If you find yourself working outside of business hours, this webinar is a must!

Creating an ongoing learning plan and skills audit
Being a practitioner demands that we are constantly learning. But do we have to know everything and how to best allocate precious continuing education time and money? This webinar includes two ways to audit your client files – for both self-directed learning and juicy demographic information about your patients.

Online consultations
Are you curious about taking your consults (and more! online )? This webinar looks at distance consults – are they the same as face to face? What do you need to build an online health practice? I share what you need, to decide if this mode of clinical practice is appropriate for you and your clients, as well as what you need to run and grow it.

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Online practitioner services

Being able to outsource your dispensary sales is essential for online practice. You will need to create and verify a practitioner account first, then add your client’s details so the site can verify them in turn, before making your prescription.

Practitioners usually receive a rebate on the practitioner only products they prescribe. Clients pay the dispensing company directly and practitioners receive a rebate (usually monthly) for their mark up. Most allow you to set the mark up and some practitioners choose to drop it a little to compensate for the mailing costs the client has to pay.


My go to online prescription services

Ariya – not only does this company have  an exceptional range on nutritional products (including their own compounds) but they will dispense liquid herbal prescriptions as well. You choose from their current stock of not only the herbs themselves but also from a variety of different manufacturers. Price is per ml and you choose the mark up. They have a flat rate for overnight postage, to most Australian locations.

Vital.ly – carries a wide variety of nutritional and herbal brands, including chilled products (e.g. probiotics).

Integria – an extensive range of practitioner only products and brands (including their own – Mediherb and Eagle). You can allow clients to buy from their extensive over the counter range of products (including some foods as well. At this point we don’t get a rebate on the non-prescription purchases). While Integria send chilled products to practitioners, they haven’t extended this to our online client prescribing.

Booking and practice management platforms and software

Bookeo – I use this Australian company for all my online bookings, plus I pay for a back end merchant for prepaid consultations and workshops. It’s lower cost than some booking systems, as it doesn’t include practice management add ons, as it’s not designed specifically for health practitioners.

Halaxy (previously Healthkit) – this is a very affordable booking and patient management option for emerging practitioners. For a small practice this system can be used free, just a minimal charge (pay as you go, rather than monthly upfront costs) for some booking services. You can have prepaid consultations, at small charge per booking, without having the added expense of your own back end merchant facility

Simple clinic – secure cloud based practice management, for a sliding scale of monthly fees, depending on the number of clients you have.

Cliniko – possibly the most well known practice management and online booking system.  Free 30 day trial and a monthly fee based on number of practitioners using the service from the same clinic, rather than patients. Prices are in US dollars.


Lawyer Michelle Whitehead’s DIY legals

Most practitioners have a website. With that comes privacy, terms and conditions and a bundle of legal issues that are frequently assigned to the too hard basket.

Michelle Whitehead is an Australian lawyer who has tailor-made affordable packages to suit health professionals running an online or bricks and mortar businesses.

Her “contracts that care” are easy to use, avoid jargon and include an online accountability session.

There are multiple DIY packs on offer, including:


Create a Fertile Life*

Whether you’re a practitioner wanting a resource to support your clients or you’re trying to conceive yourself, the talented team at Fertile Ground Health Group has made it easier for everyone. Packed full of invaluable, evidence-based lifestyle advice, and endorsed by respected colleagues in the fertility community – don’t go past this book. It’s a perfect companion to the 1:1 work you do when helping clients prepare for pregnancy, increase chances of conception, or navigate assisted reproduction.

Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis
Dr. Lisa Sanders, author of the monthly New York Times Magazine column “Diagnosis” (and a new Netflix must-view series of the same name), will broaden your medical detective skills, in an entertaining and informative way.

Bates Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking

My physical examination ‘bible’ by Barbara Bates got me through hands on exams as an emerging practitioner, like using an otoscope on a toddler, when I’d only practiced on adults as a student. The latest edition lives on in her name. A must have for every practitioner.


Something a bit different

All work and no play causes burnout! I love travel and it’s a bonus when I can combine it with business, like running retreats in Bali and attending conferences in Japan or Northern NSW.

Whether it’s for work or fun, I’ve stayed in some amazing Airbnbs around the world. If you’ve never used Airbnb* before, use my affiliate link to get AUD$76 off your first trip.


Need more?

Just as our health consultations are individualised according to our client’s needs;  1:1 mentoring focuses on identifying the practical skills  you need to grow your business and clinical acuity with confidence.

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* I only share external resources that I personally use and genuinely love. If you purchase from some of these sites, I sometimes get a small reward. Previously Health Masters Live ran an affiliate program. I donated any profit I made from that partnership to The Smith Family.