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Health Q & A Monday vodcasts

From my 2015 vodcast series, some short videos answering your health questions. If you miss Health Q & A Monday, let me know.

Note: Vimeo deemed these vodcasts ‘commercial’ and has taken down my account, so here’s a few uploaded to an alternative platform.



How to get children to eat vegetables

Can’t meditate – are there alternatives?

Middle age weight gain.

Genetic high cholesterol and statin drugs.

Dealing with HSV2 (genital herpes).

What and how to eat when you’re pregnant and queasy.

Preventing the winter blues.

Are mushrooms a good source of Vitamin D?

Can herbs prevent altitude sickness?

Why aren’t naturopaths registered in Australia?

Is fasting good for you?

Trouble waking up in the morning.

Making healthier sperm.

Skin conditions: psoriasis.

Reducing puffiness and fluid retention.


Local-global fun

Some of my favourite tried and tested experiences available in and beyond Melbourne or Sydney.

No Lights No Lycra – dance like no one’s watching. In over 80 locations around the world, boogie for an hour in the dark. Cheap, after work exercise that’s a whole lot of fun.

Creative Mornings – be inspired to live and work more creatively, with hipsters in 100 different cities.

The Buddhist Centre – down to earth meditation classes. The same simple program teaching two basic meditation practices can be found in 28 different countries. I first attended the London centre in 1986 and have since meditated with the Melbourne and Sydney centres.

School of Life – Melbourne was the first offshore home for London’s unique philosophy ‘school’. Sydney was quick to follow. Sign up for a class, or an entire week, to help you view life through a different lens. Now in many countries and spreading fast.



Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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